Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The little squirrel is working hard

For some reason, when ever I see a squirrel working so hard, I am reminded of the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper, (which is actually called the ant and the firefly in Turkish). The ant works really hard because he knows from experience that the winter is gonna be a tough one and he will need all he can getter, whereas the firefly in Turkey, and the grasshopper in the States plays his instrument and just sleeps through the summer.
I have been like the ant for the last couple of years and after graduation, I felt like I deserved some time off just like the firefly&grasshopper. But now that the weather gets colder, the clouds that will sit on this city for a long time are here, I do not feel ready. Even though deep down there I know that I actually did not stop being the ant but I feel guilty. And seeing the squirrel family that lives on the tree next to my window reminds me everyday that I do not have a purpose yet but it is not too late. The first snow hasn't fell on the earth yet...
Yes, the spring is here in New York, but I love it. I love each and every season with different reasons. In couple of weeks the leaves will change color and the land will be covered with all sort of yellow-red combinations!!! First, Halloween will be here, kids will be asking Trick or Treat:) and adults will find their childish sides again!!! What is not to love this:), for a day most of the adults will be like me, childish:).
Well like every spring or fall I needed some change. I was (many times) told by my dad 'it is easy to understand the season change when you are at home, cause in a day you can change your room into some place I would never imagine' eheh:).  Which is true, since I know myself, the day that I feel like there is a smell of change in the air, I feel an urge to change my shelter. Dad usually complained about how he can not have anything nailed down in my room cause he was never sure when or how I would change it:).
ohhh I remember one particular memory, in 2000 after a year of suffering for studying for college exams in Turkey, and loosing my dear grandma we moved to a new house. (well it was one floor down where we used to live but hey move is a move) Therefor I needed to make my nest MINE, and the only way I knew how to do that, was by painting!! You know how birds carry branches, or dogs piss on their property I have to mark my teretory with my own creativity... So after the carpenter painted my bedroom, I started to create my underwater world. Oh god, you should have seen the face of that poor man!! He comes to start painting another room in this newly renovated house and finds a girl who is painting on the newly painted walls .... and he asks if my mom knows about this (well for those of you who do not know my mom, she is a sweet person and loving, caring person but she is also a scary person if you do wrong with her, which I have to say is hard to do... but still) cause he was scared to death for me:)))) But mom knows, she knows that this is me moving, moving to a new place, welcoming a new season.
Just like old times, as the weather shifted from summer to spring, I have re-arranged my living area but this time with the person I live in it:). I guess he got my sickness of change... who knows...

Some samples from My Underwater World... at least the ones I could find...

I am hoping that this will bring good news, good fortune for us.
Change is in the air, I can smell it.

:D I have to work hard as my neighboors, the squirrel family:))))

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  1. .... and you continu make the changment but
    i can;t see the new ones because i am soo far :)
    lovely mam