Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation, Birthday, West Coast & beyond...

Well well,
I have been away for a very very long time. Much longer then I wished.
But in the meantime life continued.
After a long journey, I have come to an other end in my life. This journey have started harder then any other, and lasted almost haft of my life. From the time I remember myself, I have always dreamed a life where I could include art into it. I always kept "art" in my life, all sorts of it... But I kept feeling something was missing. I was in a search up until couple of years ago. I do not know what force helped me but I felt like a train who is pushed to the right tracks. After being on the right lane, everything was more meaningful. The reasons, the actions, the satisfaction.
I have graduated, from a long journey of finding my self, learning how to learn, how to teach, how to be, to be me. Then I lost someone who had helped me and so many others to achieve their dreams of teaching others, the beauty of art. You sometimes take thing for granted. You think that things or people will be there forever. Or your journey seems like it takes forever... But when you reach at the end, you look back and realize you have done it. You have accomplished, you have reached you goal and it is time to have a new BIG GOAL for your lesson:).

Then my birthday:). Birthdays are the days that should remind you that you are getting old right? Oh no wrong, thanks to a brilliant idea, I went back to my childhood and had a nice trip to Bronx Zoo. It is an amazing thing how you become like a child when you see those animals and how you wanna run around and you wanna just stop there and grasp every little detail and not let go.
At those moments, there are no words that can help you, or no emotion than can explain... You take a picture but you now immediately that it is not the same, it is not the image you wanna inscribe to your memory... But you still do...

Well every graduate deserves a little gratuity for all the hard works and everyone who end their 30th year in this world deserves a treat that would remind them the beauty of life.
That is why we decided to take a journey. Many thanks to a childhood friend of ours, we started our trip in Los Angeles. I was always told the colors are different then the East coast :) and the mind set of people is very very different:). I have to admit I could not see that :) it might be because you do not have that much of an interaction with people. Who knows...

The famous Route #1 was one of my favorite parts in this journey. Driving along the coast and watching the sun rise and sun set in the same day with the changing beautiful scenery. I can say I found my child side once I was traveling in the forest by the sea side. Do you know the smell of seaweed, but not the one you actually can eat? I was brought up with that smell. I used to believed that I was a mermaid who made a deal with the witch (which i did not remember when I did because of the charm). The fresh air,the smell of pine trees, the fruit stands along the way, the dogs and the sea lions that we have seen along the way, but most important the person whom I shared this journey with.

Who can be as childish as I am, who knows what I like and what I love...
Even the best couples share the same car for hours, drive through beautiful and breath taking scenery, ends up having hard times:). Specially if one of you is tired/sleepy, has to pee:P, or hungry!!! After 5 days, you find your self dying to find a topic to talk about cause you have touched every topic that you can think of. And the radio!! ugh OH MY GOD!!!How I hated the American Radio's, they play the same songs over and over and when you try to hook up your own IPod, it doesn't work!
But then, he gives you a huge smile, a nice touch on your hand and then he says look, and you look out the window. You see one of the most amazing things and share that moment with the person you love and then you remember. This is one of those moments that you see on the movies, and the boring times are when the camera is off:))).

Now I am back to reality, back to New York, back to looking and searching.

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