Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Art of education

I am constantly trying to remember, do the right thing, say the right words, do not forget to mention about my objective, goals, the appropriate words for the students... and I am also reminded to have fun... SO this week I have promised myself that I am going to have fun!!!
so here are some pictures of my students having fun:) I have to say the teaching is more enjoyable when you are having fun:):D.
It is not easy for a new teacher to establish good discipline and let his/her students explore. Art classroom is one of the most important place for a student to explore materials, ideas, and life. Actually that is where I found out about myself and where I learned that being different is not always bad. I personally do not remember a lot about my elementary school years. I remember sitting with 2 more students in one table, learning how to read and write, how to use utensils for eating, learning to calculate with colorful strips and coins... but do not remember doing any art.:( Most of my art classroom memories are from middle school or high school (and to be honest they are not that perfect either...) But I am hoping that my students will at least be able to say, I have done painting, played with clay (for them most of the activities are a part of a game, I do not mind as long as they explore and learn), make constructions from paper, build puppets with paper-mache, and etc. What about making prints, making collage with all sorts of different materials. I mean I sometimes get bored of teaching the same thing with a different objective such as tearing or cutting a paper, making stick puppets or animals that they have seen in their farm visit... As long as you can give them a spark to make them get excited about the topic kids love to have their hands on materials.
And when you see the smile on their faces when they notice what they can do, and start calling out you or peers and asks 'Look what I did, look what I have made...' Right now I believe that it is the best gift a student can give to the teacher unknowingly. And there are those gifts that are specially made for the teacher. A portrait of you while you show all your teeth and your curly hair (well in my case at least). Your students comes up to you and says look what I made, and when you talk about it you learn that it was made for you, a portrait of you for you... It is on my refrigerator, reminding me everyday why I love teaching.
I am trying to teach students about art and they teach me the art of teaching:).
A have a lot to teach and more lot to learn, can't wait to go back to my class and be with my students...

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